Competency Based HRM Applications

The more standardized the work is, the more easy and efficient the flow goes. Imagine dividing each job into technical and non-technical requirements and summarizing them into a list of competencies, to be your benchmark for any HR Application.

At Riverwaves, Competency Model is applied across all functions, beside the efficiency of working by a standardized competency framework; it also ensures consistency and fairness among employees.

The most frequent competency based applications are; Selection and Hiring, Performance Management, Succession Planning and Assessment Centers.

In Selection and Hiring: Every organization needs to ensure its hiring the suitable candidates and in the right positions, traditional interviews nowadays are a low prediction indicator for the candidate’s future job performance; conducting a systematic behavioral interviews; like Competency Behavioral Interviews (CBIs) are proved one of the most effective recruitment approaches to evaluate the candidate’s qualifications.

In Performance Management: When trying a new restaurant, every person has his/her own evaluating factors for the place; some care about the food, some about the theme and architecture while others look for the good service and staff. The main point is that everyone has his own evaluating scale, to measure any performance.

That’s how Performance Management works inside any organization; each department has its own functional competencies, from these competencies; KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are created, to measure the actual performance of employees upon them.

In Assessment Centers: set of simulation exercises are designed and conducted to measure individual competencies, which is required for the organization’s success. People Assessment is mostly used for either; decisions or development.

In Succession Planning: Competencies required for key positions, matching pool of talents with key positions and development plan needed to achieve required competencies.

The more the business grows the more complicated its applications get, being able to select & evaluate with standardized benchmarks will encourage better performance, and align employees to work towards a well communicated organizational objective through a clear cascaded strategy.