Employee Engagement

The term Employee Engagement usually sounds simpler than how it actually is, engagement is not just satisfaction; it’s a more holistic approach that includes a number of factors and drivers behind it.

The basic components of employee engagement are more or less the same across all organizations: trust, fairness, respect, communication, etc. are universal. However, the specific elements that matter the most differ from one company to another.

Research shows that building a highly engaged workforce takes a combination of many things, each   of them impacts people in a different way. Employee Engagement could be clustered into many factors….

Engagement with your manager; how you feel about your boss, whether you are being treated fairly or not, receiving feedback, coaching and generally, the mutual respect and the relationship between both of you.

This is a very important factor, towards being fully engaged at work; however it is not the only factor, unlike the old saying people leave managers, not organizations” Research proved that it is no longer true, when people leave; it is usually a combination of different elements that cause turnover. A bad manager can force someone to leave, but usually, there are many other factors that create low performance or a departure.

Engagement with the organization; is another drive for being engaged, but how is it measured? It is usually measured by; how the employees are satisfied with the organization’s values, the upper management, the strategy, and the organizational leadership as a whole.

Other factors affect engagement and their importance differs from one organization to another, like Competencies; do employees have the skills required to perform their jobs? Do managers display the behaviors needed to motivate, empower and lead their employees? Do employees get evaluated according to clarified and communicated benchmarks?

Last but not least is Strategic Alignment; does the organization have a clear strategy and a clear set of goals? Do employees understand the strategy and goals? Do employees understand how the work they do contributes to the organization’s success?

At Riverwaves, we believe that, Compensation and Benefits could be a crucial drive for Employee Engagement. “Employees who are satisfied with their pay level and benefits are more satisfied with their jobs and have higher loyalty to their organization”