Competency Based HRM

Building success from within

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Your organisation is nothing without its people. It’s their knowledge, skills, attitudes and personal characteristics. In other words, their competencies will define how suited they are to their role and hence the success of your organisation.

The RIVERWAVES Competency Model

Our RIVERWAVES Competency Model (RWCM) integrates and transforms your organisation’s mission, vision and values into a batch of core competencies for the whole organisation – and specific competencies for individual departments. This forms the backbone of all HR activities from recruitment and selection, to talent management and the promotion of organisational leaders.

How does it work?

The RWCM follows four distinct stages:

  1. Data Gathering.We review strategic documents with you to identify your objectives. This includes PEST analysis; mission, vision and values; business direction; and SWOT analysis.
  2. Competency Identification.Working closely with you we identify the core competencies of your company and relate them to your mission, vision and values.
  3. Validation.We carry out a workshop with your Top Management to present and agree the competencies.
  4. Documentation & Communication.We’ll amend and finalise what we agreed after validation.

The RWCM has proven to be a great success with a variety of blue chip companies in many fields such as Pharmaceutical, Banking, FMCG, Telecommunications and Retail.

ROI of applying competency-based HRM

Recent studies have shown:

  • 63% reduction in staff turnover
  • 19% improvement in employee performance
  • 12.5% increase in sales & profits

Making the most of your human capital

There are four main areas where RWCM can help you:

  1. Recruitment.By helping you develop selection competencies we can help you refine your talent acquisition strategy to fill in the competency gaps.
  2. Development.We can work with you to develop the competencies of existing staff so they can be more effective and fulfilled.
  3. Performance management.By measuring results and improvement achieved through development we can make recommendations for promotion.
  4. Succession planning.Determining leadership competencies will guide you towards potential leaders and help develop a future leaders plan.

All-round benefits

Riverwaves – helping you achieve business through your people

Employees will receive fair, objective performance evaluation, they’ll be guided to target specific development areas, enjoy proper career development, as well as feeling involved and empowered.

The HR team can make better hiring decisions, identify skill gaps, be more informed about setting future skill requirements, and be able to increase employee productivity and operating effectiveness.

Your organisation can focus more on achieving strategic and business goals, translate its vision and values into expected employee behavior, improve its performance in the marketplace, reduce operational costs, and be supported by an integrated framework for HR planning.

Get in touch to find out what the RIVERWAVES Competency Model can do for your organisation