The Road Ahead by RIVERWAVES

Towards the end of a busy working week, RIVERWAVES had the pleasure of accommodating The British Egyptian Business Association‘s (BEBA) latest event called The Road Ahead  in Cairo, Egypt as an active member of the association. The event was hosted by our Egyptian local Partners – JOBMASTER Human Capital Solutions with the efforts of RIVERWAVES Middle East & Africa team in developing the material discussed.

First was the introduction presentation by Alexandra Pascu, RIVERWAVES Consultancy Manager of Middle East and Africa followed a panel discussion moderated by Hisham El Badawy, JOBMASTER’s CEO. Road Ahead was held on Thursday March 15th at Downtown’s famous, Intercontinental Cairo Semiramis hotel.

The evening started with Pascu’s introduction speech tackling some exciting edges as Diversity, Performance Management and Millennials showing major statistical findings in the three areas. Going profoundly in the day, the panel discussion took place with the moderation of Hisham El Badawy. It involved three heads from different industries; Ahmed Badawi – CEO at Marakez, Ashraf Helal – Commercial Operations Director at Vodafone and Sami Amin – Managing Director at Subsea 7.

The controversial opinions of the three panelists evolved when asked about Diversity in workplace and whether we -in Egypt- are prepared for it, hence Mr. Ahmed Badawi had a saying about embracing Diversity since it’s very common nowadays and emphasized by stating,”Performance of women in sales is higher than men”. From a Telecom Director’s perspective, confirmed Mr. Ashraf Helal on how workplace diversity affected the business 8 years ago when Vodafone made a study to measure their performance in terms of numbers and found how impactful the presence of people from diverse industries work efficiently together. “Diversity is our DNA” was the best comment describing how Subsea 7 summed up the diversity discussion when Mr. Sami Amin explained the challenges his corporate faces with the different nationalities by following the strategy of hiring calibers who can perform within such environment.

Want an argument? There was a quite interesting one when Mr. Hisham grasped the attention of the guests by bringing to the table the performance appraisal system subject and questioned its reliability and trustworthiness. Marakez’s CEO agreed on the fact that recent trends are more into informality when it comes to appraising the employees while Vodafone’s Commercial Operations Director thought of not ignoring the “feeling” part of implementing such systems regardless of his belief in its practicality. He also mentioned a success story on his own that his company now has created a Performance Dialogue between managers and their subordinates to have more space to discuss their plans. The last view in this area was about Compass approach that Subsea 7’s Managing Director follows that in return yielded very good results. This method basically creates some room for employees to talk about their objectives without barriers and accordingly are being appraised.

With such fruitful outcomes of the event, RIVERWAVES team was more than delighted to deliver this session with the cooperation of their Egyptian partners JOBMASTER Human Capital Solutions for BEBA’s respectful audience which hopefully would be beneficial to their companies in the near future.