The Learning World

The only source of knowledge is EXPERIENCE ~ Albert Einstein

When analyzing this sentence, it totally makes sense; you never learn how to drive unless you actually drive a car, not only taking the class!

And this actually goes on everything we want to learn in our lives. If we chose the model of absorbing all the information we want to learn about; we may stay where we are OR remember scattered pieces and not be able to use them properly.

From an HR perspective; people actually learn for 3 main objectives; improve their level of Self-Awareness, increase their Skills in a specific area and increase their Motivation in performing their jobs.

Self-Awareness; is to know more about your role, responsibilities and how your actions are affecting other people while a Skill is any human ability to do something and Motivation is the willingness or desire to perform your job with positive manners.

These are the objectives; but the question is: “Will the traditional workshops/trainings actually cover all these objectives?” The answer is NO. And the reason is going back to our quote; the secret is in the EXPERIENCE….

Simply the experience we mean here is; learning by doing, this modern learning approach that organizations are leaning to nowadays, transforming all academic workbooks into a fun journey. This is called: Experiential Learning.

In JOBMASTER, we are gradually shifting our workshops to be conducted with the Experiential Learning Approaches, mixing between; gamification, puzzle, exercises…etc.

As TRAINING Departments are evolving to being LEARNING Departments; our learning approach should change too accordingly; in order to cope with the various generations & mindsets that exist in every workplace.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be tacking more Learning Approaches