The New Norm: Managing Your Team's Performance

Managing the Performance of Virtual Teams
Tons of books, articles, tutorials, and guides have been written, published, and taught over the years on how to effectively manage your team’s performance. For some people, the experience of managing remote teams and their performance is still quite new and can be rightfully considered a challenge at times. The concept of “performance” itself, has been redefined in recent days according to the global context, therefore the “managing” part is still new territory for many.
Here are some ideas on what you could do to manage the performance of your team while they work from home:

Daily Check-In
Some might be thinking that a daily check-in sounds more like a technique taken straight from a “How to Micro-manage Your Team” guidebook. Although it could easily be considered so, it all depends on how the check-ins are positioned and managed. First, clearly define and communicate the purpose and the agenda of the daily check-ins. Secondly, keep them short and focused (15 – 30 min if one to one or 1h if run with the entire team). Play the role of the Facilitator for the first few check-ins and let the team or the employee own it and run it in the long term. Thirdly, be consistent in running the check-ins – if you choose to call them Daily than ensure they actually take place every day, with as few exceptions as possible.

Efficient Online Technology Utilization
E-mails, as useful as they are, also tend to be one of the most stressing elements of today’s work environment. An exchange of 20 one-liner emails, with 10 people in CC, can be highly frustrating, time-consuming, and inefficient. A 30 min video call, on the other hand, if managed properly, provides your team with the time to interact in a more constructive and personal manner.
Based on what your company is offering, build your online technology toolkit and clearly define and communicate the rules of engagement (e.g. all client meetings are to be conducted using video).

Set Weekly/Monthly Objectives
Say “bye” to quarterly performance reviews and “hello” to weekly objectives. Guide the team to focus on what really matters at the moment, by setting up shorter-term objectives. Evaluate outcomes rather than the process and place emphasis on everyone’s accountability to manage their own performance.

The New Norm: Managing Your Team's Performance



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