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Approved by The British Psychological Society (BPS) for the purpose of continuing professional development, this intensive course is designed in a highly interactive and practical manner. The course takes participants through a comprehensive learning journey on how to conduct structured interviews based on competencies, and how to craft questions based on core, leadership and functional competencies to evaluate and predict future job performance.

Course Overview

In this course, you are presented with a variety of concepts and best practices related to designing and conducting competency-based interviews, you learn how to identify competencies and apply the ORCE methodology (Observe, Record, Classify, Evaluate) within the interviewing context. To internalise the knowledge, you will also be undertaking extensive hands-on practice, acting as an interviewer in a multitude of realistic scenarios.

The learning Experience

The overall experience is designed to allow you to gain knowledge, reflect and develop proficiency while experimenting through practice. This practitioner led-course, covers formal learning delivered in-class and/or as a virtual classroom, group and individual activities, practice, and individual coaching and feedback.

A personalised Certification Evaluation Report will be provided upon the completion of the Certification module, and an individual feedback session aimed at highlighting the strengths and future learning opportunities.

The certification

Being an Assessor comes with great responsibility and we want to ensure that you have acquired the right level of knowledge, skills and abilities after completing the course, to fulfil this responsibility with great confidence.

For Certification purposes, you will be completing a set of typical activities related to an Assessor’s scope of work and/or the technical knowledge disseminated through the training. Your performance will be evaluated to ensure a sufficient level of compliance and proficiency is achieved.

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This course is approved by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)